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The Sandwich

Aug 15, 2018

For the season finale, we're switching things up! Dean takes on the host role and interviews ME! He takes viewer questions, and adds a few of his own for what we hope is an in depth look into how I started, what keeps me motivated and my future plans for the AmandaMuse brand! Let's settle into this and take a bite!

Aug 9, 2018

Female Friendships are so important. They have added colour to our childhoods, laughs to our young adult lives and carried us through some of our biggest decisions as adults. There are also those moments of heartbreak, betrayal and loss. Today I'm joined by 3 amazing women and friends to discuss the ins and outs...

Aug 1, 2018

Age gap relationships...yup, I'm in one. My husband Dean and I have a 15 year age difference, and it's not an issue...usually. Today we talk about some of those differences and how it impacts our marriage, parenting styles and life together. We also talk about how to keep things spicy in a marriage. Sort of?! I mean,...